The Sky is Everywhere centers around Jacques (Jean Dujardin)


The Sky is Everywhere centers around Jacques (Jean Dujardin), a cunning master thief renowned for his elaborate heists around the world. Though Jacques claims he has retired, Interpol agent Lucille (Marion Cotillard) - who also happens to be Jacques' ex-girlfriend - discovers intelligence that he is secretly planning his most ambitious job yet. 

Jacques intends to hijack an A380 commercial airliner mid-flight and escape with $500 million in gold bullion secured in the plane's cargo hold. In order to pull off the daring heist, Jacques assembles a crew of specialized thieves including a demolitions expert, hacker, and disguise artist. 

To track down Jacques and foil the theft, Lucille must go undercover into the world of high-stakes theft she once shared with him. Though the two haven't seen each other in years, Lucille is confident she still knows how Jacques operates. However, Jacques remains one step ahead and soon involves Lucille directly in the heist as an unwilling accomplice. 

Forced to work together again, unresolved feelings and mistrust fuel the tensions between Lucille and Jacques. But with time running out before the flight, they have no choice but to combine their exceptional skills on one last job. Lucille must out-maneuver the man who knows her best in order to protect the passengers and stop Jacques from pulling off the biggest airborne gold heist in history.

The high-concept premise provides plenty of mile-high action sequences and international settings. With charismatic leads, a compelling backstory, and dramatic tension, The Sky is Everywhere delivers an exciting thief vs. agent thriller.

DirectorF. Gary Gray
WriterDaniel Kunka
StarsKevin Hart, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Sam Worthington
RatingPG-13 (Some Language, Violence and Action, Suggestive Material)
GenreAction, Comedy, Crime, Drama
Original LanguageEnglish
ProducerAudrey Chon, Kevin Hart, Adam Kassan, Simon Kinberg, Matt Reeves, Bryan Smiley
Release Date (Theaters)Jan 12, 2024 (Limited)
Release Date (Streaming)Jan 12, 2024
Runtime1h 44m
Production CoHartBeat Productions, 6th & Idaho Productions, Genre Pictures
Sound MixDolby Digital

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