Secrets and Lies: The Bold and the Beautiful's Explosive Week


Gorgeous and Brave: A Tale of Beauty

Tensions between Steffy and Sheila reach new heights on the Bold & Beautiful soap opera. According to the latest spoilers, conflict arises as alliances shift. Finn finds himself caught in the middle, unable to turn to his wife or his mother for comfort.

Key details from the February 26-March 1 spoilers:

Finn shares his emotional turmoil with Hope

Steffy stabbed Sheila (severity unclear)

Deacon and Liam debate Sheila's instability

Darin Brooks returns to the show

Carter brings unexpected news to Ridge and Thomas

Finn stands up for Sheila, straining relations with Steffy

Ridge calls the police rather than taking matters into his own hands

Hope comforts Finn at Sheila's home

The updated cast photo gallery provides helpful background on the central characters. As events unfold, who will emerge victorious? Stay tuned to find out!

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